What is Body Harmony?


Body Harmony is a hands-on model of bodywork, unique in its approach in that it recognises the innate wisdom within each person’s body, and the unique pathway each body follows to unwind and use that wisdom.

It involves speaking, listening, observing, applying physical touch and then supporting integration. It is above all experiential, so no two people will experience a session in the same way.

All you need to know is contained in your body. The invitation that Body Harmony offers is of re-connecting with that knowing, with your body’s natural intelligence. It’s about aligning and connecting with a fluid, easy posture that profoundly influences how you interact with the world – and how the world interacts with you.


“This body of our client holds all the answers within. It’s our job to create a physical climate where that body feels safe enough for the sharing of its secrets.” Don McFarland



Online Body Harmony can be experienced in a variety of ways:


One-on-One Sessions when you want to dive in and discover more of the cosmos of your own body.

Group Journeys to explore the tools you can use to deepen your unique embodiment and make them your own. An intimate group journeying together over 6 weeks, learning from and with each other from the wisest teachers on embodiment, our own bodies. You’re very welcome to join us!

Do get in touch if you’d like to explore further…