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Body Harmony online Sessions



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Are you ready to feel deeply sure about your decisions and their rightness for you?


Do you want to access the wisdom of your own body?


Do you ever long to experience the groundedness of your own self, the sensual joy of embodiment and the delicious clarity of knowing yourself?


All of these things are literally at your fingertips, in the amazing multiverse of cells that make up the ever-shifting ecosystem of your own body.


All the wisdom and ease you’ve ever needed is accessible right here and now.


Your body speaks to you in the language of sensation. It’s inviting you to learn how to listen again.


Listening together in an Art of Embodiment session we’ll use my over 25 years of embodied arts experience to

  • invite you back into engagement with your body’s language.
  • help you to find what your body sensation is telling you about your own internal wisdom.
  • bring body mind and spirit back into sync.
  • find the shape of your own surer step.
  • help you to get epic shit done!



For 60 minutes of Skype magic, we’ll explore the unique mechanics of you, expanding your experience of your own embodiment in deeper and deeper ways.

The essence of how this is done is simple and every time we dive in together it becomes easier and easier to return to on your own.


Once you’ve taken an adventure into your own unique functioning you will want to return, and it’s as easy as taking a conscious breath and gently allowing your awareness to track where it’s going and what it’s doing. Then watching what unfolds.



To book a session, just click on the Paypal button below and follow the instructions. As soon as I hear from you I’ll be in touch to make arrangements for our session.

I very much look forward to diving in together.


Are you ready to discover how truly life-changing Art of Embodiment exploration is?

I’ve created a series of 6 sessions which invite you do just that over a 6 month period, available via Subscription.

Once I hear from you we can schedule the first exploration, and at the end of that and each subsequent one, we’ll schedule the next according to what works best for you.

Just click on the button below and we’ll dive in to 6 months of embodiment adventure. I’d be honoured to explore with you.



Here’s what some people are saying about their sessions :


I loved learning to deepen my relationship with my breath, allowing my self to be breathed.
And the visual of the out breath being like a leaf falling off a tree, so precious!
The session helped me come back to the depth of my body and connect into all the deep rich wisdom, love and support that it holds for me. It is a clear reminder of how all the answers and wisdom I will ever need are present right here within my body – if I only have the courage and take the time to listen into it.

Alma Sipila, song-writer, Finland


“Your guidance/presence allowed me to trust you and the process easily.  I was surprised by it’s simplicity and the ease with which I could access body-awareness.  The most enjoyable thing of all was relaxing into my body and letting go of resistance towards discomfort or pain which gave me feelings of tenderness and loving compassion for my body I’ve never experienced before.”

Filiz Telek nomad & storyteller.


Lindsay’s expert guidance around this, quite frankly marvelous, arrangement of energies I call my body gave me some immediate insight into my current issues. The advantages of working with her over Skype meant that I was able to do so in the comfort of my own home, where I feel most safe and I know that meant I was more free and able to go deeper than if we were elsewhere.

Working over video, Lindsay was able to identify a couple of areas that I simply wasn’t aware of. That feedback alone had the most enormous impact on me and I’m continuing to work with it on a daily basis, where I’m definitely seeing significant relief.

I highly recommend an Art of Embodiment session – it is a true gift to your soul self.

Julie Gibbons, at Julie Gibbons Creative



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