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Month: February 2013

Gravity’s invitation

The effort or effortlessness involved in existing-in and moving our bodies in their relationship with gravity dictates how efficiently and easefully we’ll live our lives.


Gravity exists as an invitation to surrender, cell by cell, every moment that we’re alive.

And it’s a dancing thing, not a constant, as I knew in my body and discovered in this TED talk last night.

One of the scared voices that would have me doubt the value of surrendering to gravity, as I did so much more easily as a toddler, is the one that says surrender would turn me into a spineless heap collapsed on the ground.

But I can exhale and breathe deeply again as I realise that gravity fluctuates, from day to day and place to place, and my surrender is a dance which will take me from prone to soaring, exploring every increment of the dance along the way.

The Art of Embodiment

The key is to lean in gently.



To be curious and acquaint ourselves with whatever is happening in us.

The pure presence of our awareness will already begin to subtly and then more powerfully shift things.




But only if we’re just exploring, and leaning gently, with no purpose other than to discover more of ourselves.