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Month: March 2013

The Art of Embodiment Sessions

Exploring within ourselves is as infinite a journey as heading into outer space…


How would it feel to take a full and easy breath, and begin to let that statement settle into your tissue?


I’m talking about exploring into our felt experience of our own bodies. Not our conceptual selves, but our literal, physical, breathing, pulsing, feeling bodies.

The cells and the tissue.

Using our breath, inclusive awareness and the sensory information our bodies are constantly informing us with.

The Art of Embodiment Sessions are a 101 on how to begin listening to our own bodies again. Some simple tools to make effortless the art of embodying ourselves.

They’re a first step on another infinite journey best experienced without expectations and with generous amounts of curiosity.


Here’s what a couple of soul sister’s have to say about their experiences :


“It was so useful spending dedicated time with my body. Scheduling it in. It felt like I was giving myself a gift. My body so often gets the raw deal when it comes to time.” Julie Gibbons, the Soulful Self Discovery Guide at


“I was surprised, finding that I can release pain and tension in my body by just having the patience and willingness to take my breath and awareness there and let them do their job.” Alma Sipila, songwriter, Finland.


If exploring your own body’s wisdom sounds like something you’d like to try, I offer short 30 minute Taster Sessions which make it easy to dip your toes in the water before choosing whether to dive in to the full flow of your own glorious embodiment unfolding.

Feeling what we’re avoiding – and Heart wisdom

This is what I’ve been up to of late :

Feeling what we’re avoiding by Oriah (Mountain Dreamer of The Invitation fame)

And when I felt into it, over a couple of days, this is what I came up with :

They say, no mud, no lotus.

Till now my life has been the mud, and my heart the lotus.  That’s turning around now, and my heart is providing the mud for my life to grow like a lotus.

This is what the 5th sun of the maya is about, the new pachakuti, the rise of the sacred feminine, where our bodies are our best teachers and gurus (beyond gender).

I’m listening to the flutterings of my physical heart learning to beat a new rhythm and literally speak my wisdom to me, so that my life can blossom and join in telling the story of the universe back to itself.