When things flow, it’s effortless.

When I’m at my most efficient, it’s effortless.

Effort is unnecessary expenditure of energy and, simply put, just isn’t efficient.


How cool is that?!


An epiphany on effortlessness came to me yesterday on my yoga mat. I realised how much I still effort when looking to release tightness… how much I’ll try and stretch specifically into that tightness, contrary to all I’ve learned and experienced to show me how inefficient that is.

So today I breathed loosely and easily, I allowed the bone, muscle and connective yumminess around my shoulder blades to sink into the gentle pull of gravity toward the floor…  and low and behold…   a small sensation of unfurling wing occurred.  The shoulder blades themselves discovered what felt like football pitches worth of space to flutter around in.   My waist  clocked the enormous eons of space between itself and my shoulders, and luxuriated in some undulation of its own.

And when I stepped off the mat and into the rest of my day, every movement of body, mind and soul was lighter, easier, effortless and as a bonus, more efficient 😉