An irreverent and life-loving Body Harmony® practitioner and teacher of over 20 years experience in the embodied arts, I help groups and individuals, creatives, visionaries and grass roots world-changers discover the wealth of wisdom inherent in their own bodies.
I bring well-composted compassion and a deeply inviting spaciousness to individual and group encounters.


Truly, I cannot remember a more deeply centred yet fluid of mind instructor. ~ Robin Sands, Biodynamic bodywork therapist



Having been born with a profound wanderlust, and a well-aspected Ascendent in Sagittarius, I’ve now traveled in over 44 countries and lived in several for anywhere from six months to ten years. Externally, this journeying has gifted me two almost-grown sons, and one Swiss and one Andaluz cat. There’s also a fairly eclectic bunch of furniture about the house. Internally there is a swirling cosmos of appreciation for this glorious planet we’re still lucky enough to inhabit and access to much human and other wisdom from the generous beings I’ve been blessed to meet.

Cultivating close encounters with my own wild life and helping life facilitate that for others is my priority ..

Embodiment, obviously, is both my work and my whole life, and I like to infuse it all with curiosity, appreciation and fun.