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Body Harmony self-study series

Invitations to your own personal investigations :

To drop in to hearing and seeing with the eyes and ears in each cell of your body.

To discover the endlessly shifting nature of the cosmos you carry inside you.

To experience the gift of gravity and feel supported in your life. 

To allow your breath to be breathing you and witness the profound power of trusting your body and your self.

To create the space for your own body wisdom to whisper its truths back to you at last.

All with appreciation, curiosity and ease, and a side of humour too.   Sounds intriguing?!

Click on the button below if that’s enough for you! Want to know more? Read on…

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Each class comes as a package which includes a recorded exploration for you to join with of approximately 40 minutes length.

Along with the recorded class you will receive an e-book with simple and specific orientations on how to prepare, what to expect and how to integrate your experience into your daily life so that you get the most out of exploring your own body temple.

All this for just £15.

(And while I’ve kept the price easily accessible, I appreciate that for some people this will still seem unattainable. If that’s you and you feel called from your bones to participate, please reach out to me and we’ll see what kind of exchange we can create.)


I’m available to you via email at any point in the process if you have questions, doubts or observations or if you simply want to share and have witnessed the glorious discoveries you have made!


The first of the Art of Embodiment self-study series is available from today, July 1st and invites our attention to explore our brains and our nervous systems.

Did you know that your thought processes and unconscious responses are affected by the ease with which your brain is floating in its ocean of cerebral-spinal fluid?

How much spaciousness could you bring to that and to the electrical flow throughout your nervous system?

How would that affect your wellbeing and daily ease?


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Join us in the Art of Embodiment self-study of The Brain to gift the answers to these questions to your self. Click on the button above to discover the wonders contained within you.


You are also warmly invited to join our Art of Embodiment facebook community for support and witnessing of your discoveries and insights. It’s also where we share groundbreaking discoveries and useful information around the glories of embodiment.  We’d love to see you there to share your experiences with us!


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