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The Body Harmony 5 Module Series


5 Weekends : 25 – 27 March, 13 – 15 May, 8 – 10 July, 9 – 11 September and 11 – 13 November

at the Tin Tabernacle, Barcombe, East Sussex



The 5 Modules cover the Basic Foundations of Body Harmony.

Each module stands alone as an invitation to uncover vital elements needed to participate more effectively in life. An opportunity to reprogram your posture, behaviour and mindset from the inside out.



The Art and Science of Body Harmony

Our presence in the world depends on how we relate to our inner experience and our outer environment. On how we respond to the stimuli from each of these fields and then how we choose to act in each moment. Our bodies are where this conversation takes place.

Dr. Don McFarland, the founder of Body Harmony, created a truly remarkable method of observational learning which enables us to decipher the stories of our bodies from many, many sources. This is the Art.

The Science is the way in which we use a synthesis of breath, gravity, awareness, intention, movement, embodiment and the most responsive and attentive touch in existence. It uses the understandings of quantum physics, epigenetics and current advances in neural science.  It is an ever expanding methodology, learning constantly from individual experience and in response to evolving scientific study.


The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. ~ W.B.Yeats


Who is it for ?

Anyone curious about learning how to use the interaction of their minds and bodies to shift paradigms and expand their perceptual capacities. Anyone who would like to have greater effectiveness in their wellbeing, their professional and personal lives and their engagement with the world.

Practitioners of other modalities find Body Harmony expands their knowledge and their skills and considerably increases the reach of their effectiveness.

With curiosity and beginner’s mind, regardless of experience, what you learn will help you, your friends, your family and others to enhance the ease and fulfillment with which they live their lives.

People who have studied and practice Body Harmony currently include a successful psychotherapist in Spain who uses it to ground cognitive intelligence so that it becomes embodied wisdom. A physiotherapist from Sweden has used it to teach physiological skills to practitioners studying the use of etheric modalities. A marketing executive in Sweden uses it to enhance leadership skills and presentation success. A theatre nurse in Australia has used it to work with colleagues in between sessions of surgery.

These are just a handful of examples; there are many hundreds of individuals around the world who use it to increase the effectiveness with which they live their lives.

The Modules are also the foundational basics of the 100 Hours Practitioner Training Programme.

To become a Body Harmony Practitioner, and a member of the International Body Harmony Guild, you need a minimum of 100 hours of classes, the sponsorship of two teachers as mentors and demonstrated proficiency in applying the principles covered in this programme. All of the above can be achieved during this 5 Modules series.



Module 1 – The Healing Equation – Trusting our Tissue

The Breath of Life

In this the first weekend, we’ll look at how to discover and develop deep trust in the voices of our tissue and the concrete wisdom of our own bodies. We’ll discover how to turn to our bodies to guide our health and wellbeing and make soul-informed decisions about our lives.

Through re-examining our breathing and our lungs we’ll explore the multitude of ways in which conscious breath plays such a large part in our health and in living creatively.

Exploring the fundamental basics we’ll look at the application of beginner’s mind, regardless of our prior experiences. What the basic components of an enquiring touch are, what is conveyed through our touch and what we can do to improve that. We’ll look into differentiating between specifics and generics and how that helps us to access someone’s individuality and the impact that has on their wellbeing. We’ll spend time refining our awareness of our own bodies, and how they speak in sensation and in particular how our bodies function in reality, now, beyond the stories which have driven us.

Friday March 25th – Sunday March 27th

This weekend is particularly useful for anyone with lungs..  for practitioners who would like to update their touch.. and anyone who would like to breathe more easily, both physically and metaphorically.


You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves. ~ Mary Oliver


Module 2 – The Listening Touch – Bone Stories

What really matters?

Our second module weekend we’ll dive deeper than the superficial skin stories akin to what we write on our CVs, we’ll also go deeper than the visceral tales of the emotional tides of our lives, we’ll dive all the way down to the deep bone stories of our skeletons. We’ll search for the stories of our deepest truths and goals.

Our physical focus will be on our bones and connective tissue, our joints, tendons and ligaments.

We’ll learn about the language of the tissue, how to gain trust and how to work with consent. Skills which make up a listening touch include moulding to the shape of an individual’s tissue, awareness of the layers available through touch, the effect of practitioner comfort on a session and how to access the zone of transformation.

Friday May 13th – Sunday May 14th

Anyone who has issues with any of the joints in their bodies will particularly benefit from this weekend, as well as those wanting to deepen the soulfulness of their lives.


To breathe soul over the thing that is ailing or in need of restoration, that is singing over the bones. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés


Module 3 – Projection free Perception – The Body Electric

Our Three Brains

During this weekend we’ll be focussing on the fact that we swim in an electromagnetic soup together with all that is.
We have neurones in our Brains, our Hearts and our Guts, so where is our ‘brain’ really situated?

Every thought gives rise to a cascade of electro-chemical reactions. Every thought ripples through our tissue and out into our surrounding environment. At the same time, our electro-sensitive tissue is responding to everything around us. How fluidly are we interacting in this dance?

Over this weekend we’ll learn to notice how different thoughts and perceptions influence a person’s posture, structure and the way they function. We’ll learn to address more relevant areas of the body during a treatment. We’ll bring our bodies to a more functional and comfortable whole, developing observational skills for our clients and ourselves, and the perceptions which will ensure that a problem never overshadows a possibility.

Friday July 8th – Sunday July 10th

This weekend will be of great interest to anyone wanting to increase a practical sensitivity to the world around them, or those looking for ways of integrating hyper-sensitivity to be able to make easier use of that gift.


Your biology is a reflection of your perception – Dr. Bruce Lipton


Module 4 – The Embodiment Process – Paths of Heart

The Mechanics of the Intuitive Heart

You may already have heard that the electromagnetic field of our hearts is at least sixty times larger than that of our brains. Over this weekend we’ll be focusing on the concrete mechanics of our hearts and what a heart led life looks like to each of us.

We’ll explore ways to get the most out of our sessions, and what the effects are on and in our bodies of intention, willingness, curiosity, control, surrender and pro-activity. We’ll be actively creating new experiences to rewire and replace historical ones and further developing the skills to access the zone where transformation occurs.

Friday September 9th – Sunday September 11th

This weekend is for anyone who would like to explore more deeply what it means to walk a path of heart.


Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground. ~ Rumi



Module 5 – The Session Solution – Macrocosm and Microcosm

As Above So Below

On this final weekend of the series, join us as we explore our fascia, described by some as the organ which connects everything within our bodies. Each tiny increment of change within us is passed through our fascia to communicate with the entirety of our bodies, the microcosm of a cell speaks to the macrocosm of our selves.

As we live our lives with a greater internal sense of our sovereignty and dignity we spread that out into the world around us.

We’ll be looking at cellular re-programming and the issues that lie within the tissues of our bodies. By learning how to move towards what we desire rather than away from what we don’t want we also expand the integrity of our own internal structure and the relationship of its parts. In learning how to take what we discover on the table into our wider lives we’ll look at post session procedures and how to use new physical points of reference to continue the processes begun in a session.

Friday November 11th – Sunday November 13th

This weekend is perfect for anyone who has ever thought of taking or has ever taken a Body Harmony session..

For those wishing to become professional practitioners of Body Harmony, this weekend is where certification will take place.


Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. ~ Rumi



The 5 Modules Series will take place over 5 weekends initially at the Tin Tabernacle, Barcombe, East Sussex, UK.

Weekends will begin on Friday at 12pm midday and end on Sunday at 6pm.

Class hours will be Friday 12 – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 6pm, Sunday 10am – 6pm.

Module 1 ~ March 25-27

Module 2 ~ May 13-15

Module 3 ~ July 8-10

Module 4 ~ September 9-11

Module 5 ~ November 11-13


The 5 Modules Series is available as a complete series or individual weekends on an ad hoc basis. Priority will be given to those who sign-up for the whole series if space becomes limited.


(Important Information for Body Harmony Guild members below.)

Full 5 Modules Series is available at a cost of £200 per weekend.  A deposit of £300 secures a place and the outstanding £140 is due one week before each individual weekend.

Individual weekends of the 5 Modules Series are available at a cost of £250 per weekend. Full payment one week before each individual weekend secures a place.

To register please contact me to make a transfer or make a payment via Paypal below :


Module Payments

Every time someone new joins us, Body Harmony grows. ~ Dr. Don McFarland



Body Harmony Guild Members :

All current members of the International Body Harmony Guild are welcome at 50% of the full cost. I value what you have learned and already embody and your presence in class will be a pleasure and of value to us all.

All International Body Harmony Teachers are welcome to join us in class for free. Your presence is always a pleasure and a bonus for all.  If you would like to make a donation to the costs of the weekend, your support would be welcome.

If you would like to join us for any or all of the 5 Modules, please register by contacting me to make a transfer, or by using the Paypal button below :


Guild Member Module Payments