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5  Online classes  2 Individual sessions and a Guide book to the series


Our bodies speak in the language of sensation. Most of us are conditioned to be deeply unfamiliar with the subtleties of this language. The Body Harmony Online Series gives you back the tools to hear, understand and enter back into a responsive relationship with your own embodied self and that wisdom.

For over 25 years now I’ve been diving deep into pools of somatic intelligence, learning from and helping people all over the world regain their awareness of their body’s endless source of wise knowing about any topic to do with their embodied life.

The Body Harmony Online Series  was created to share the essentials of Body Harmony® with the online community, providing you with the groundwork skills and insight to be able to turn to your body whenever you have questions about any aspect of your experience; be it your work, your purpose, your well-being, relationships or anything to do with living a fully embodied life.



All you need to do is bring your curiosity and a sense of adventure and together we’ll begin to discover the insights your body is holding for you.

When body/mind/spirit/soul are in sync and everything is congruent in our physical selves, we feel good in our skin, we get things done and our lives flow with that generative magic which makes us feel most vibrantly alive.




The Body Harmony Online Series is a 5 week intensive, an invitation to gather in circle to deepen and transform our individual experience of embodiment. By exploring our unique sensorial world with curiosity, appreciation and gentle awareness, we grow ourselves wiser and more ingenius, and get to feel divinely good in our skins. And it’s even fun!


Our journey will explore the following terrain experientially :


Part 1 ~ Your Body Your Story

Our bodies are the confluence of all the streams of story throughout our lives. The personal and the collective.

This makes them the deepest source of wisdom each of us has access to.
We’ll begin by exploring what that feels like in the sensual language of our individual bodies. The language we need to hear to begin to co-create with life as it flows through our unique selves.


Part 2 ~ With Curious Breath

Our breath is one of our unrealised superpowers.  By following its sensual invitations as it winds between each cell that makes up the cosmos of our bodies, we can unwind the historical stories with a fully experienced exhale into gravity’s offer of support.

Here’s where we create the space for re-writing our lives.

Discover the practical tools you have available 24/7 without even reaching out your hand!

Any system is at its most effective when it is in contact with the greatest number of its parts.  ~ Don McFarland


Part 3 ~ A Heartfelt Touch

One of the key paradigm shifts of Body Harmony work is its unique capacity to listen through touch.  Its capacity to understand the language of senses.

Here we’ll explore just how much more there is to the way we touch. Starting with ourselves and the entire world around us.

There’s no such thing as an innocent touch. ~ Don McFarland


Part 4 ~ The Bones of your Body

Don McFarland, the founder of Body Harmony, called the bones the gossips of the body.  What better place to go to if you want to hear the lowdown on your own personal story..  And our bone stories are our deepest, most soulful stories.

Let’s excavate together.

Wherever two bones meet is an energy centre. ~ Don McFarland


Part 5 ~ Re-wiring You

We live in an electromagnetic soup. Inside and outside of our selves.

Our brains swim in this soup.  And extend all the way down to our tailbones.

Our hearts too, and they have an electromagnetic field 60 times larger than that of our brains.

Let’s upgrade that wiring and feed more soul into the soup!


How does it work ?

  • Weekly Online Webinars

Once a week we meet online for each week’s Class which will last between 60 and 90 minutes.

Don’t worry if you can’t make all of them, each class will be recorded for those who are unable to be there, which also allows you to return to any parts you would like to hear again.

  • 2 individual 1-1 Sessions over Skype of 30 minutes each.

Once in the first two weeks, and once in the final two weeks, we’ll meet for an individual 1-1 session over Skype for us to explore more deeply your own unique intentions, whether they be about your work, your relationships, your well-being or any other aspect of your life.  All of it forms a part of the incarnated story of your life, your body.

You’ll be able to schedule these sessions as soon as you sign up for the course.
Each session will be recorded so that you can return to personal insights and the new physical reference points that you’ll discover as we work together.

  • A Guide Book to the Body Harmony Online Series

Each participant will receive a copy of the e-book for the Body Harmony Online Series.

This resource will free you up during our group and individual sessions so that you don’t have to take notes beyond that which your tissue remembers.  And your tissue remembers everything. Everything.

After we’ve completed the series the e-book will provide a manual to refer back to as you begin to add these new physical way of being to your day-to-day life.


  • A Private Facebook Group for the duration of our practice, and a wee bit more.

Everyone will have access to a Private Facebook Group for the duration of the five weeks we’re together, plus a wee bit more at the end, so that we can ask questions, share insights and be in touch with one another as much or as little as each individual would like.


This will be a small group .  Places are limited to 10 people only.



The cost of this 5 week Series with 2 Individual Sessions is £250.00 all included.

For Body Harmony Association Teachers, there is an offer of a 50% discount for this series at a cost of  £125.00.

To book your place, please contact me at

Please reach out and contact me if you have any questions whatsoever about the Body Harmony Online Series, I’d love to hear from you!