The Art and Science of Body Harmony


Our presence in the world depends on how we relate to our inner experience and our outer environment. On how we respond to the stimuli from each of these fields and then how we choose to act in each moment. Our bodies are where this conversation takes place.

Dr. Don McFarland, the founder of Body Harmony, created a truly remarkable method of observational learning which enables us to decipher the stories of our bodies from many, many sources. This is the Art.

The Science is the way in which we use a synthesis of breath, gravity, awareness, intention, movement, embodiment and the most responsive and attentive touch in existence. It uses the understandings of quantum physics, epigenetics and current advances in neural science.  It is an ever expanding methodology, learning constantly from individual experience and in response to evolving scientific study.



“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” ~ W.B. Yeats


Body Harmony® is an active, engaged, co-creative way of belonging in our bodies and fully living our lives from within them.


With Body Harmony® we experience how our thought processes and feelings form the template we structure our unfolding lives around, from the literal structure of our bodies to the larger structures of our relationships and the things we create in our world.

Our thoughts and intentions send orders to the ‘Synaptic Bar’ and the cocktails served up cascade throughout our physical and electromagnetic selves shifting and changing the way we create our bodies moment by moment.

Leading edge neuroscience, fields like neuroplasticity and epigenetics, are just beginning to confirm what we already experience and co-create with whenever we choose to place our attention on what we’re ordering at the bar.

And we’re only just beginning to explore and experiment.


What happens when we come back to basics and get really curious about just what we are doing with our bodies and what effect it is having?

With the most liberal dose of beginner’s mind we can bring to the process.

What do we want to keep doing and what do we want to do more of?

What do we want to bring into existence in our lives and how can we go about doing that, according to our own individual bodies?


Body Harmony is the toolbox that allows us to engage with these questions. To see what we’re ordering at the Synaptic Bar, and to choose if and how we want to change our order.


The toolbox includes developing awareness in our bodies of :

  • how gravity offers support to each cell and how our cells receive that support
  • what happens when we can let that grow
  • the sensation of tiny increments of movement where lasting change is born
  • how our breath can begin to breathe us and the choices this opens up within us
  • the inter-relationship of every single last cell and the entire community of cells in every moment
  • the wisdom of light-heartedness
  • the never-ending effect we have on our environment and our environment has on us
  • how our bodies can feel things that our eyes cannot see



And this is only the beginning, come join us and add your magic into the mix!