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Embodied – All of Me






Body Harmony is a way of life. It’s a bodywork modality that leads us to living in such a way that all of our body is included in every choice and decision that we make. Daily.

Think about that for a moment.

All of me is on board. With everything.

No more shearing off part of myself. No more fragmenting. All of me is here, fully on board with this choice, or that decision.


Intuition is perception via the unconscious. ~ Carl Jung


Body Harmony is the optimal way to make accessible that which Jung would have called intuition. And not just accessible, but conscious.

Our animal bodies constantly receive an unending stream of information which they communicate to us via sensation. The more we are able to expand and integrate this information into our decision making, the more access we have to our intuition.


The best way to increase the effectiveness of any system is to connect it to more of itself. ~ Don McFarland


What delights me about Body Harmony, one of its most interesting aspects, is how it results in our conscious visions coming into physical manifestation. It’s a way of making our dreams real, whatever they might be. It feels like the bringing of heaven down to earth. The best antidote to transcendent escapism or endemic spiritual bypass. Real.

This is what re-wilding is really about. Becoming fully alive to all of the voices from our informed bodies.

Our bodies.

Our form.

Along with us for the ride with every choice and decision we make.

Decisions made listening to all of the information available to us, both from outside of ourselves and from our physical, embodied responses. Every sensation is a response. To a thought, to a scent, to a word, a breeze, an image, in fact to an unquantifiable series of incoming data-packets.

Become embodied. Embody me. Be real. On Earth. Present and accessing all of the information available to me.

I look to increase what is available to me as information. There’s an entire cosmos in here, reflecting responses to everything out there. No need to look to expand, voraciously, outside of myself. There’s enough to keep me going for lifetimes just becoming increasingly aware of all of the minute responses happening all of the time inside of me and using them to inform my choices in co-creating with life.



The Inefficiency of Effort

When things flow, it’s effortless.

When I’m at my most efficient, it’s effortless.

Effort is unnecessary expenditure of energy and, simply put, just isn’t efficient.


How cool is that?!


An epiphany on effortlessness came to me yesterday on my yoga mat. I realised how much I still effort when looking to release tightness… how much I’ll try and stretch specifically into that tightness, contrary to all I’ve learned and experienced to show me how inefficient that is.

So today I breathed loosely and easily, I allowed the bone, muscle and connective yumminess around my shoulder blades to sink into the gentle pull of gravity toward the floor…  and low and behold…   a small sensation of unfurling wing occurred.  The shoulder blades themselves discovered what felt like football pitches worth of space to flutter around in.   My waist  clocked the enormous eons of space between itself and my shoulders, and luxuriated in some undulation of its own.

And when I stepped off the mat and into the rest of my day, every movement of body, mind and soul was lighter, easier, effortless and as a bonus, more efficient 😉

The Art of Embodiment Sessions

Exploring within ourselves is as infinite a journey as heading into outer space…


How would it feel to take a full and easy breath, and begin to let that statement settle into your tissue?


I’m talking about exploring into our felt experience of our own bodies. Not our conceptual selves, but our literal, physical, breathing, pulsing, feeling bodies.

The cells and the tissue.

Using our breath, inclusive awareness and the sensory information our bodies are constantly informing us with.

The Art of Embodiment Sessions are a 101 on how to begin listening to our own bodies again. Some simple tools to make effortless the art of embodying ourselves.

They’re a first step on another infinite journey best experienced without expectations and with generous amounts of curiosity.


Here’s what a couple of soul sister’s have to say about their experiences :


“It was so useful spending dedicated time with my body. Scheduling it in. It felt like I was giving myself a gift. My body so often gets the raw deal when it comes to time.” Julie Gibbons, the Soulful Self Discovery Guide at


“I was surprised, finding that I can release pain and tension in my body by just having the patience and willingness to take my breath and awareness there and let them do their job.” Alma Sipila, songwriter, Finland.


If exploring your own body’s wisdom sounds like something you’d like to try, I offer short 30 minute Taster Sessions which make it easy to dip your toes in the water before choosing whether to dive in to the full flow of your own glorious embodiment unfolding.

Feeling what we’re avoiding – and Heart wisdom

This is what I’ve been up to of late :

Feeling what we’re avoiding by Oriah (Mountain Dreamer of The Invitation fame)

And when I felt into it, over a couple of days, this is what I came up with :

They say, no mud, no lotus.

Till now my life has been the mud, and my heart the lotus.  That’s turning around now, and my heart is providing the mud for my life to grow like a lotus.

This is what the 5th sun of the maya is about, the new pachakuti, the rise of the sacred feminine, where our bodies are our best teachers and gurus (beyond gender).

I’m listening to the flutterings of my physical heart learning to beat a new rhythm and literally speak my wisdom to me, so that my life can blossom and join in telling the story of the universe back to itself.


Gravity’s invitation

The effort or effortlessness involved in existing-in and moving our bodies in their relationship with gravity dictates how efficiently and easefully we’ll live our lives.


Gravity exists as an invitation to surrender, cell by cell, every moment that we’re alive.

And it’s a dancing thing, not a constant, as I knew in my body and discovered in this TED talk last night.

One of the scared voices that would have me doubt the value of surrendering to gravity, as I did so much more easily as a toddler, is the one that says surrender would turn me into a spineless heap collapsed on the ground.

But I can exhale and breathe deeply again as I realise that gravity fluctuates, from day to day and place to place, and my surrender is a dance which will take me from prone to soaring, exploring every increment of the dance along the way.

The Art of Embodiment

The key is to lean in gently.



To be curious and acquaint ourselves with whatever is happening in us.

The pure presence of our awareness will already begin to subtly and then more powerfully shift things.




But only if we’re just exploring, and leaning gently, with no purpose other than to discover more of ourselves.