Body Harmony is a way of life. It’s a bodywork modality that leads us to living in such a way that all of our body is included in every choice and decision that we make. Daily.

Think about that for a moment.

All of me is on board. With everything.

No more shearing off part of myself. No more fragmenting. All of me is here, fully on board with this choice, or that decision.


Intuition is perception via the unconscious. ~ Carl Jung


Body Harmony is the optimal way to make accessible that which Jung would have called intuition. And not just accessible, but conscious.

Our animal bodies constantly receive an unending stream of information which they communicate to us via sensation. The more we are able to expand and integrate this information into our decision making, the more access we have to our intuition.


The best way to increase the effectiveness of any system is to connect it to more of itself. ~ Don McFarland


What delights me about Body Harmony, one of its most interesting aspects, is how it results in our conscious visions coming into physical manifestation. It’s a way of making our dreams real, whatever they might be. It feels like the bringing of heaven down to earth. The best antidote to transcendent escapism or endemic spiritual bypass. Real.

This is what re-wilding is really about. Becoming fully alive to all of the voices from our informed bodies.

Our bodies.

Our form.

Along with us for the ride with every choice and decision we make.

Decisions made listening to all of the information available to us, both from outside of ourselves and from our physical, embodied responses. Every sensation is a response. To a thought, to a scent, to a word, a breeze, an image, in fact to an unquantifiable series of incoming data-packets.

Become embodied. Embody me. Be real. On Earth. Present and accessing all of the information available to me.

I look to increase what is available to me as information. There’s an entire cosmos in here, reflecting responses to everything out there. No need to look to expand, voraciously, outside of myself. There’s enough to keep me going for lifetimes just becoming increasingly aware of all of the minute responses happening all of the time inside of me and using them to inform my choices in co-creating with life.



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