A series of 30 Invitations to listen to your Gurubody.

What happens when I allow my Exhale to lengthen, fully, easily, until it reaches it’s own natural turning point?


It’s followed effortlessly by the next inhale.. and when I allow the next Exhale to be as simple as a leaf falling from a tree, at the perfect moment, with no holding, no forcing…  ?

I get to watch how my body responds to this…  to the effortless passage of breath through its tissue.

Where does the breath flow?

Where does it catch?

What new thing can I learn about my Gurubody right now by gently elongating my Exhale ….  ?


I’d love to hear what you discover from your own Gurubody.  If you’d like to,  please let us know what you find in the comments and if you’ve got any questions ask away and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able!

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