A series of 30 Invitations to listen to your Gurubody.


I’m just wondering what will happen if I bring a little more Smile, like the one that’s playing at the edges of my mouth, into the rest of my body?


And how can I do that thing?

Actually, from practice it’s already happening, so how do I bring it to where I’m not feeling it… ?

It’s more down my left side than my right, so I’m checking in there now to see if I can use my breath and let anywhere that’s holding out of gravity soften a little more…

Surrendering into the support of my chair lets the tingling sensations dance more fully down through my right side.

I wonder what kind of effect inviting it down into my roots might have ?


That’s an interesting sensation, like being strung on a string of bubbling and tingling. It reminds me that one of the mayan languages’ word for human beings translates to something like ‘cosmic root vibrator’. As if we we’re 2 legged carrots, moving about over the surface of the earth performing a function, an earth-acupuncture of sorts.


I’d love to hear what you discover from your own Gurubody.  If you’d like to,  please let us know what you find in the comments and if you’ve got any questions ask away and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able!

2 comments on “Gurubody Invitation #12 Smile”

  1. The rest of my body is feeling lighter, my muscles relax I close my eyes and I float into a peace filled space

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