A series of 30 Invitations to listen to your Gurubody.


How fully and with how much ease am I using my Lungs?


If I take a moment, it might take a few tries, can I just let the air flow effortlessly in and out of my Lungs?

Where does it flow fully and easily?

Is it filling the front as much as the back?   If not, can I soften into the tissue (muscle, bone, connective tissue, whatever..) which is right next to them?

What happens if I do?


My right lung has 3 lobes and my left just 2 to make room for my heart, can I feel that as I breath?


The bottom of each lung rests on the muscle of my solar plexus, the top reaches up to nestle below my collar bones, how much of this length am I using right now?  What happens if I invite a little more air to come in on the next breath, and the one after?  If I let the extra air lap up against the tissue which is inviting it in….

And if I let the exhale lengthen … ?


I’d love to hear what you discover from your own Gurubody.  If you’d like to,  please let us know what you find in the comments and if you’ve got any questions ask away and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able!

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