A series of 30 Invitations to listen to your Gurubody.


What cocktail is my Brain serving up to my body right now and could the mix do with any tweaking?!


Taking a moment to align my body easily in relation to gravity and breathe some undulations through it…. I bring my awareness to my Brain, floating in cerebro-spinal fluid inside my skull.

What sensations are there when I listen-in to its floating?


The plates of bone that make up my skull are not fused, there’s an infinite capacity for micro-movements and pulsations between them… can I refine my awareness, soften my breathing and feel any of them?

If I soften the multitude of muscles on my face, what effects ripple through my skull and my Brain?


The electrical activity of my synapses flows through my spinal cord serving up cocktails of invitation/instruction … as I bring a bit of awareness to my spine and spinal cord, what sensations make me aware that this is happening?

Can I feel the activity of my Brain all the way down to my sacrum at the bottom of my spine and branching through my lower body?


Has bringing awareness to my body’s responses to my Brain had an effect on my Brain itself?


I’d love to hear what you discover from your own Gurubody.  If you’d like to,  please let us know what you find in the comments and if you’ve got any questions ask away and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able!

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