Is it normal to take 4 whole days to backup your website and upload a bunch of overdue upgrades and other life-giving, juicy stuff?  Well it’s my normal. It’s simply ‘what happens’ now that my Body gets to call the shots.

 Long exhale into something more interesting;  some pleasure and ease …


You might have thought that after 20+ years of learning it’s language and listening in I wouldn’t fall for To-do lists over-riding my Body’s smarts… but hey.  A constant process of refinement, no?

On Tuesday (#vicarioustravelmonday having caused the week to begin a day late already) the need-tos and shoulds were clamouring, along with that multitude of voices intent on looking after my best-interests (sweet misguided monsters that they are).  A perfect storm of cocktails were being served up by the generous staff at the Synaptic Bar.  Behind on several weeks’ delivery of daylight and particularly sunshine, my Body finally declared a No that day.  A Not-under-these-conditions.


So I took my Body to the bath.


And asked it : Where could you use some help from the memory of Full Spectrum Light (aka sunshine)?  After all, I just lived in Andalucia for nearly 10 years, the cellular memory can’t be that far away!


Then my Body took me to the yoga mat.


I took a few easeful breaths, aligning my posture in gravity as effortlessly as I was able.

Then I invited my body to remember the physical sensations of being in Full Spectrum Light. It tingled and relaxed just about everywhere as the memory seeped in and the cells felt like they were literally lighting up.

As the sensations grew stronger, the places unable to soak in the chemical information from the memory became more obvious.  A stiffness in the fingers of my right hand and a tightness in the right side of my neck. There was a pinching beneath my right shoulder blade which connected in to my core muscles via my solar plexus too.


 Sometimes, I like to use the familiar movements and poses of the asanas to explore what’s going on in the world of my Body.  If I slow the movements down to the tiniest of increments,  transitioning from one place to the next almost cell-by-cell,  then I don’t miss the gems that are almost always to be found nestling between layers of tissue; maybe sticking to some fascia, or right at the interface of muscle and bone.


As I began to explore some super simple pose, at snails pace, I discovered the little catches and compressions that were impeding the flow of movement and breath in my body and causing the sensations of stiffness and pinching.  They were pretty damn specific. They always are.


I used the sensation of gravity for more information, as it offered the downward pull of it’s gentle support;


I allowed my breath to gently curl between the cells and it’s mere presence to ease some space into compression and stickiness;


I soft-focussed my awareness so that all of these invitations to my tissue were extended with spaciousness and curiosity.


By the time I was done on the yoga mat (40 minutes and maybe 2 and a half asanas later!) I had a new series of reference points in my own physical tissue.

So next time I feel that majorly diminished pinch below my shoulder blade, I can continue to build on my exploration on the yoga mat.  I can allow that tiny point of tissue to take part in the full movement coming from my core muscles up through my solar plexus, rather than holding itself out of the dance and becoming a restriction to full ease and greater efficiency.






2 comments on “Gurubody ~ My body is my Guru.”

  1. Your words are like invitations for me to follow you in your ( Mine, too) journey. Though I don’t know what an asana is and haven’t spent much time on a yoga mat, your journey has become a metaphor for my own.
    I have sat in a chair with my feet touching the earth, beginning to meditate, letting my mind go of conscious thought. When tonight’s grocery list pops in my head, I thank it for sharing and dismiss it without making myself wrong. The longer I sit, the quieter my mind is so that I am listening for the sounds of silence. And, I suddenly hear the whispers in the silence. Listening, the whisper becomes a scream when suddenly an ache in my neck, screams at me “finally! You’ve noticed me!” and I realize with my entire being, that if I would have noticed it an hour ago and gotten up and stretched, that this action is what my body, mind, and spirit needed to make me whole again. And so it continues, one twinge after another until I feel complete and eager to do the task I have been putting off.

  2. Hi Isabel, thank you for sharing your experience. Our bodies are such a huge cosmos, that even when we’re aware of these tools for listening to them, we don’t catch everything all the time, do we?
    I’m glad you got to hear your neck, and give space to the discomfort so that it could pass. Apologies for missing your response for so long, I’m not quite sure how that happened.
    Asana is the word used for individual yoga poses. Each one has its own name for ease of identification. Like corpse pose, where you’re lying flat on your back with your arms at ease by your sides, in full relaxation, which is called Savasana.
    One of the things I love about letting my body speak to me using Body Harmony is how it often leaves me feeling eager to get on with anything that I’ve been putting off..

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