2-day Weekends exploring Myth as it arises in the Landscape of our Bodies

Next Skeleton Woman, Edinburgh

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Myth is the land speaking ~ Dr Martin Shaw, mythologist


As  someone who has explored and is deeply rooted in the intimate landscape of the springs, mountains, deserts and oceans of my own body and who has accompanied many hundreds of others along their journeys, exploring how we create our own landscape as we are simultaneously created by all that surrounds and permeates our lives, these words have sown a seed in me.

Our bodies, all 50 trillion cells, are the sum of every story of our lives. Every experience. Every repeated thought. Every repeated feeling. All of it makes up the blueprint around which our cells coalesce. The whole road-map of our lives to date is right here, with us, at all times.

So too are the patterns around which our future selves gather as we send out tendrils through the imaginal soup of possibilities.


Dream-Weaver Mandala, commission from Mark Golding for this series.


When we work with Body Harmony, we’re aware of our selves in our bodies from this perspective. We approach with curiosity and full of appreciation for everything that these amazing creations offer to us in both an inward looking and outward looking sense.


Crafting an encounter with Body Harmony and the myth world we can expand this curiosity and appreciation and discover how the land is speaking through each of us. With the fire of our spirits and deep rivers of our hearts we can focus our intentions. We can dance with the cells using touch. Touch generated from our thoughts, our feelings, our wishes and desires, our breath, our presence, our hands and the movement through the whole galaxy of cells in each of our bodies.

Yes, it is making love with life. All fully clothed. With a sparkle in our eyes, our bodies rooted into the earth to which they belong and the deepest respect for each and every tiny increment of movement in each and every cell.

In this land you can watch how a thought can send a ripple down an eyelash. How a scene remembered can send a tremor through a limb, and be released through the filaments of electric-sense extending out beyond a body into the space-filled air we swim through.

I’m excited to dive in and explore. I don’t know what we’ll find.

What I do know is that I’m trained to hold safe space and over many years of practice and teaching Body Harmony.

What I do know is that the earth is willing us to explore this way.

What I do know is that the dates are picked and a space is ours, there’s a group of fellow adventurers beginning to gather and there’s a voyage awaits for anyone who’s inspired to join us.


For the inspiration to hear my body as a story I’m telling with my life, I’m deeply grateful to Dr Don McFarland, founder of Body Harmony.


If you feel yourself drawn to myth and story; if you feel yourself drawn to uncovering the language of the landscape of your own body; if you feel yourself drawn to exploring the path that these threads braid together, come and join us for one or all of three weekends of adventure into the Myth in the Land of our Bodies.

How else do we revive the exquisite poetry of a real human life well lived?


No previous Body Harmony or myth experience is needed.


Part 1 ~ Bone Stories

Skeleton Woman

They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds. ~  Mexican proverb

What are your deepest creative dreams? Where do they sit in relation to the marrow of your bones.

Are you intimate with the place that still knows that the grey edges to the white wisps of cloud will not bring rain?

Does this have anything to tell you about what your soul is longing to deliver to life?

This weekend of myth tracking will follow the tale of Skeleton Woman as we trace our own unique ways of bringing life back to the deepest bones of our story-woven selves.


Part 2 ~ Between the Forest and the Village

Fox Woman Dreaming

Our bodies are vast matrices of antennae and as wild as fox-prints in the frozen snows of the taiga.

What is the quality of your listening to your body?

Can we listen well enough to let life guide us in service to our very existence? To let life show us what our very own wild paths are?

What would that look like for you, or me, or them?

We’re deeply nourished when we feel the ripples flow through the fluid of our fascia as the mayflies dimple the surface of a lazy summer pond.


Dancing with such deeply embodied knowledge lets the full ingenuity of our human form actively shape a life well lived. Come and find out more..


Part 3 ~ Wisdom Ways


Our bodies sail, 5 trillion celled antennae, through the soup of existence. What do they see, hear and know?

How does it feel when the fine antennae of our cilia pick up the scent of a storm?

How do we embody intuition and wise ways of being?

Physical, emotional and spiritual limitations, once accepted, become anchored in the tissues.  ~ Dr Don McFarland, founder of Body Harmony

Using this totally unique way of listening to and following our bodies insights, always by invitation and only by invitation, we’ll use this third weekend to follow the pathways intuition traces for us through the land of our bodies.






Location :

Myth Land Body is now on the road!  The next weekend is Bluebeard, in Edinburgh, dates coming soon..

If you would like to host a Myth in the Land of our Bodies weekend or series in your area, please get in touch at gurubody@gmail.com


Times :

Saturday 9.00am to Sunday 4.30pm

We’ll begin at 9.30 am on Saturday, having gathered from 9.00, to call in our story, and throughout the day and on Sunday from 10am to 4.30pm, dive into the landscape of our bodies using Body Harmony techniques (breath, awareness, gravity and listening touch) to search for and follow the trackways of myth through our cells.

No previous experience of anything other than having a body required.



What to bring :

Your curiosity and seeds of appreciation for the marvels of life. Any capacity to behold and all the discernment you’ve mastered without any judgement.

Your body.
Comfortable attire that makes you smile.

Tea & biscuits will be provided.


Price :

Each weekend costs £150.

Body Harmony Association members receive a 10% discount.

Body Harmony Teachers are feted with a 50% discount.


Please pay in advance, it makes everything so fluid and easy.  Thank you.