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Rave Reviews

Amy PalkoAfter our sessions I have a laser-like clarity, exquisite discernment, and a surer step as I love back out into the incredibly busy life I’ve created for myself. As an online entrepreneur, Body Harmony sessions are invaluable. They help me stay present, grounded, earthed. Which, in turn, means that I can hold safe, sacred digital spaces where transformative work can happen. I can do this and not lose myself in the process. And I know that Body Harmony is a huge support here.

Amy Palko, Female Wisdom Guide


Nona Beach Headshot 2014I came to Lindsay for virtual Art of Embodiment sessions to understand my body and her sometimes cryptic messages – I had fallen into a cycle of not trusting my body due to some pain issues and illnesses that I’ve experienced. Working with Lindsay has been nothing short of a miracle. Her gentle guidance and intuitive leadership in helping me access the wisdom of my body has been an incredible journey – I’ve learned so much about my body and how to work with it instead of against it. I continue to cultivate and deepen my relationship with my body at a cellular level in large part because of Lindsay and her beautiful, life-affirming work. If you struggle with your body, with pain, with mistrust of your body’s wise ways on any level, I highly recommend you seek out Lindsay’s work. You will be ever grateful.

Nona Jordan, Master Life Coach and Wild Wealth wrangler



IMG_6653Lindsay’s Eclipse Happening was an absolute must for me and I booked a flight to attend as soon as I was able. This was to be my first opportunity to shift from online sessions with Lindsay to working in person, on the table, and the timing was perfect.

We combined the significance of the celestial goings on and the Spring Equinox, with our personal intentions and the result for me was quite spectacular. My final session on the table saw complete relaxation into my Body Being and spontaneous laughter which I simply couldn’t (and wouldn’t) contain! There was this prolonged moment of such true embodiment – and with it great recognition and gratitude for all that I am.

Lindsay is such a grounded Being in her self and her guidance throughout the weekend was exquisitely offered and delightedly received. Thankfully, this heightened awareness of my Body Self – the subtle and not so subtle language spoken in every moment – did not vanish at the end of my time on the table. An oft forgotten language, it’s one that I recommend you begin to learn as soon as you can.

Julie Gibbons, Mandala Magic



1024x1024It’s hard to find the words to describe just how powerful and gentle Lindsay’s work is. She has a way of bringing you into the widsom within your skin, of reintroducing you to yourself at the cellular level and helping you see just how delicious it is to use your own power of breath and feeling to give your body what it needs to thrive. She does this in just a little bit of time and in a such a way that you feel like you’re simply enjoying a cuppa with a dear friend. Her ability to help you bring awareness within yourself is both beautiful and profound. Every time I work with her, I leave walking on a cloud. I highly recommend her work. Your owe it to your body to schedule a session today.

Tracey Selingo, founder of Woo School