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The Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Journey



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Art of Embodiment Collage




Do you have a longing to experience the groundedness of your own self?


Would you like to access and appreciate more of the wisdom of your own body?


Would you like to trust your choices and decisions knowing that they are truly right for you?



Our bodies speak in the language of sensation. The Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Journey gives you back the tools to hear, understand and enter back into a responsive relationship with your own embodied wisdom.


For over 20 years now I’ve been diving deep into pools of somatic intelligence, learning from and helping people all over the world regain their awareness of their body’s endless source of wise knowing.

The Art of Embodiment Journey  was created to share the essentials of Body Harmony® with the online community, providing you with the skills and insight to be able to turn to your body whenever you have questions about any aspect of your experience; be it your work, your purpose, your well-being, relationships or anything to do with living a fully embodied life.



All you need to do is come with your curiosity and a sense of adventure and discover the insights your body is holding for you.


When body/mind/spirit are in sync and everything is congruent in our physical selves, we feel good in our skin, we get things done and life flows with that generative magic which makes us smile.

Wow. Our session has created quite a shift in me. I can feel the ease, and continue to invite it in through all parts of my body. ~ Julie Daley



The Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Journey is an online intensive and more importantly, an invitation to gather in sacred circle to deepen and transform our individual experience of embodiment. By exploring the ecstatic juiciness of our own sensorial world with curiosity, appreciation and gentle awareness, we grow ourselves wiser and wealthier, and get to feel divinely good in our skins. And it’s deliciously fun!

Our journey will explore the following terrain :


Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.15.56

~ Live Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Webinars, once very two weeks

Here we get to meet together in sacred circle once every two weeks for a live, one-hour webinar where I’ll extend simple invitations to lead you into exploring your own unique sensorial and physical landscape. Each call will be centred around a particular aspect of our wise bodies :

      • Class 1 : Embodying Soul through our Breath and our Lungs
      • Class 2 : Embodying Light through our Brains and Nervous Systems
      • Class 3 : Embodying Spirit through our Hearts

All the calls will be live at 4.00pm (UTC). Don’t worry at all if this time won’t work for you as everyone will receive a copy of the recordings, and you’ll be able to explore together with the rest of the group when it suits your schedule, going back for the juicy bits whenever you like.

I am left feeling exquisitely present in my own body. ~Amy Palko



~One-on-one Body Harmony session with me over Skype every two weeks

In addition to our fortnightly live circle, each participant will have a fortnightly one-on-one Body Harmony session with me over Skype, for a total of three individual sessions during the 6 weeks of class.

We’ll use this time to dig deep and refine your connection to the biofeedback loops of your own body, the way your cells are bathed in the chemical cocktails served up by your brain, and how to work with your intentions to more fully embody your unfolding life.

These calls give you a unique opportunity to deepen your path with The Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Journey, and are scheduled to suit your schedule.

My left ribs now speaking to my right ribs. The joy that this engenders is so subtle, and tender, and soft. How I want to be with myself, with others, and in the world. ~Julie Daley


~ The Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Journey Secret Playground

Community and support are integral parts of any transformative process and to sustain our circle and ourselves between calls and sessions we’ll have a secret lounge complete with every delicious tea you can think of, plenty of raw chocolate and divine biscuits and for those important moments, an eclectic and well-stocked bar. This magical spot will be at The Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Journey Facebook group, which will only be accessible to our group of adventurers.

Here you’ll be able to ask any questions that come up for you along the way, as well as both share and learn from each others experiences.

I invite you to engage with this as much or as little as makes sense to you. I’ll be checking in there regularly to support everyone and make sure you have what you need. (You’ll always be able to message me privately if you’d prefer.)

I’ve learned so much about my body and how to work with it instead of against it. ~ Nona Jordan



~ Weekly Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Invitations delivered to your inbox

Carefully crafted invitations to explore your own unique physicality will also be delivered to your inbox each week.

These segments from The Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Journey e-book are invitations into a real, concrete and ongoing experience of your own body wisdom.

At the end of our course together, you’ll receive a copy of the full e-book to review whenever you want to juice-up your connection to your own embodiment journey.




The Body Harmony Art of Embodiment Journey is an intensive online adventure spread over 6 weeks. The next Journey begins in

It’s available for 333 GBP (approx 500 USD) which can be paid all at once, or in three payments of 111 GBP spread over 6 weeks.

This is an intimate group of sensitive beings with room for all the spaciousness we might desire for our explorations together. If there’s a Yes singing in your body, please come and join us!

I’d love to hear from you too if you have questions you’d like answered before you choose to dive in with us, or insights you’d like to share, so please get in touch with me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I’m able.


Art of Embodiment Journey
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