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What is Body Harmony?


I work with people around the art of living an easeful, creative, embodied life.

We work both on and offline using the tools of Body Harmony to help people to:

  • Hear and understand the language their body speaks in
  • Discover that their body’s voices extend invitations to listen first, and later to converse
  • Experience how their body is the single wisest source of information for themselves


Online Body Harmony can be experienced in a variety of ways:


One-on-One Sessions when you want to dive in and discover more about your own body temple. 60 juicy minutes of Skype heaven.

Online Circles and Group Journeys to explore the tools you can use to deepen your unique embodiment and make them your own. An intimate group journeying together over 6 weeks, learning from and with each other from the wisest teachers on embodiment, our own bodies. You’re very welcome to join us!